How would you like to be signed to a major record label?

Some musicians would kill to get signed to a major label…

Others prefer to stay independent and want to have nothing to do with a label.

Regardless of your stance on record labels, the truth is…

You DO NOT need one.

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Record labels used to be an absolute necessity for any musician looking to have a successful career.

That’s just not the case anymore.

The Internet has made music infinitely more widely accessible than it was 20 years ago. 


People aren’t even buying music in stores anymore. Most people are purchasing digital downloads online or streaming it directly using Spotify or YouTube.

It no longer requires tens of thousands of dollars to produce an album.

Independent artist can produce their own recordings on their laptops. And in turn, that’s made booking studio time more affordable than ever.

The days of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote new artists are over. While that’s still common practice for major labels, it’s not at all necessary for the average musician.

By following a simple, PROVEN formula that independent artists all around the world are already using, you can get more exposure, sell your music online, and grow your fanbase without a huge advertising budget.

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