5 Ways to Promote Your Music

With so many different marketing platforms available today, it can be overwhelming when trying to formulate a plan to promote your music. The best strategy is to use multiple forms of promotion, but not so many that you sacrifice organization and consistency. Ex: There’s no point in using every social media application available if you don’t have enough time to update those accounts on a regular basis.

Here are five basic ways to promote your music and to get your material circulating – both, online and by word of mouth.

Social Media

By now, it’s clear that social media is a no-brainer for anyone trying to promote their business (and yes, being an independent artist is a business). For those in the music industry, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are the best places to start building a following. Some artists have even built a following through Vine’s six second videos.

Artist Website and Email List

In order to appear more professional, all artists should have their own websites with an opt-in box so you can build your email list. This way, you can email all of your followers with updates, new music releases, and any other news you may have. Email lists are also important to have, in case your social media accounts ever get hacked – an increasingly common occurrence. Some businesses have even grown from their email list alone, without the help of social media.

Music Websites and Blogs

Popular music platforms like SoundCloud are a great place to share you music with listeners and other artists alike. You can also upload your music to websites like TuneCore, which then allows you to sell your tracks on iTunes.

One of the most untapped resources around, however, is bloggers. The blogging industry is becoming increasingly saturated with aspiring writers who are always looking for new content. Research music blogs, or any type of blog that seems to cater to your type of audience, and reach out to them. They may be willing to write about your newest single, or even interview you about your music.

Collaborate with Like-Minded Artists

Collaborations are essential for all artists in the industry, from producers to vocalists. If you’re a producer and create a track with a skilled songwriter and singer, then they will also have incentive to promote your music and get the word out. While you’re ultimately responsible for anything that has your named attached to it, the artists you work with should also be promoting your collaborative work.

Live Performances

Depending on which city you live in, open mic nights and artist showcases are hosted all the time, which is a great way to promote your music via a live performance. Look up local venues and organizations to see what their event schedule is like, and sign up for a performance slot. At some well-known venues, especially in New York City, there might be a small fee attached; but it’s well-worth the potential exposure.